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Press Release – Players’ Lounge closing April 28th.

Five years ago I had an idea.  I was sitting at the bar with a buddy and I sketched out my idea on a cocktail napkin.  I dreamt of a large sports bar, it was going to be clean, roomy and modern, and I built it.  I dreamt it would be attached to a large sports arena so athletes of all levels could come and play volleyball or basketball, and I built it.  I dreamt of a place that could accommodate large and unique events, shows and fundraisers and while being family friendly, and I built it. 

Today that dream has come to an end.  Today, with great sadness, I am announcing that I will be closing Players’ Lounge.

I could tell you a million reasons why I’m closing.  I could tell you it’s the economy, or that costs of goods and taxes are too high, or that I had to cut through too much red tape to be successful.  I could also tell you about all of the mistakes I made, because I certainly made them.  All of these factors have definitely affected the business to lead me to this outcome, but ultimately, the business has been operating with a negative cash flow since 2008 and continuing to operate is simply no longer financially feasible.

As much as this business has taken a major toll on me financially and emotionally, what I’ve gained from this experience cannot be compared.  I’ve had the opportunity to give back over $40,000 to non-profit organizations and local charities.  I’ve enjoyed live performances of so many talented people over the years.   I’ve made some of the best friends I could ever ask for and that I would have never know if it wasn’t for Players’ Lounge.  Most importantly, I met my fiancé.  Without her, I would not be the person I am proud to be today, and, quite honestly, I would have been making this announcement two years ago.  If I had to do this all over again would I do it?  In a second.

I’d like to thank each and every person that has supported this business over the past five years.  I’d like to thank our staff.  They’ve stood by us through all of the highs and lows of this project and I know that their jobs are not easy. I’d like to thank our families, this adventure has taken its toll on everyone in our lives and we appreciate your support.  I’d like to thank all of our sales people that I really consider friends, for their help and guidance and for providing us with quality products.  I’d like to thank all of the talent that has come to Players to entertain our guests and make our business unique and fun.  Most of all, I’d like to thank all of our customers, all of our friends for continually supporting this business and coming in day after day and touching our lives.  If wasn’t for each and every one of you we never would have made it this far. 

The last day Players’ Lounge will be open is April 28, 2013.  Farewell and God bless.


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